Our Department

UCLA Statistics & Data Science has one of the highest-ranked programs (#11 in the US / #20 worldwide). The department has a forward looking focus with foundations in both the mathematical and computational sciences. We have a dynamic and diverse faculty doing world-renowned research in the theory of statistics and its application to the real-world. The expertise of the faculty in the MASDS program spans almost all areas of statistical thinking. Our faculty and staff are also knowledgeable on industry trends and career options specifically tailored to accommodate and help students succeed in their respective fields. Department alumni also play a crucial role in the success of our department by establishing liaisons between newly graduated students and the many alumni in business, industry, and government.




Current MAS Class


M.S. and Ph.D. students

Our Campus

Our campus is not a backdrop, it’s the foreground of the future.

Our campus is perpetually in motion. Our students start and join more than 800 clubs, kick-start businesses, run organizations and are deeply involved with the community. Our fans fill the stands for some of the most storied teams in NCAA history. Our world-renowned faculty not only teaches, but also makes discoveries and develops new innovations. Their groundbreaking research and expertise inform policy making and news media coverage around the globe. UCLA proudly boasts more than 290 research centers, libraries, and various research archives only accessible to UCLA students.

Our City

UCLA is located in Westwood, 6 miles east of the Pacific Ocean and 13 miles west of downtown. Bordered by iconic neighborhoods — Bel Air, Brentwood, Santa Monica, and Beverly Hills — UCLA is a crossroads of ideas, cultures and limitless experiences and opportunities.

Los Angeles is a global city where culture, business and industry blend into opportunity. This is where 4 million people power the world’s 15th largest economy. Where internship opportunities abound in the entertainment industry and with major corporations like Boeing, Skechers, Nestlè and Dole. It’s a diverse cultural landscape, where you can experience Asia, Latin America and everywhere else in between in a single afternoon.