We are excited that this Fall 2017 we will welcome our second cohort to UCLA. The Master of Applied Statistics (MAS) program was created in response to the increasingly high demand from students seeking a master’s degree in data science and quantitative analytics. The MAS program will prepare students for work in industry through an emphasis on methods and theory commonly used in applications. The MAS caters primarily to part-time students. Courses for the new program will be offered in the evening, so that professionals can choose to continue working while completing their degrees.

The Master of Applied Statistics (MAS) program was created in response to the rapid rise in demand for data-centric skills in the Los Angeles area. Recent changes in the economy and the growing reliance of businesses and government agencies on data have created an increased demand for workers who can manage data and produce informative visualizations of data, and are guided by fundamental statistical principles. The MAS will help meet this need by providing working professionals the means to obtain a first-rate postgraduate-level education in applied statistics and quantitative analytics. The MAS is designed for working professionals, and as a result, courses will be offered in the evening to allow timely completion of the program. In addition the program is perfect for those who wish to transition to a more quantitatively focused career. All classes will be taught by regular departmental faculty. The degree will require a thesis project that will involve working closely with an industry partner and a faculty member to solve a real scientific or business problem. This will often be in the field where the student is working, thus deepening their understanding of it. The Department has various business, industry and government partners to provide internships, thesis topics, support for their employees, and job prospects for graduating students.

The deadline to submit applications for Fall 2018 will be March 1, 2018.